Hanger Management Systems

Hanger Management is perhaps the most crucial element for organization and mobilization in the retail environment. IRSG features hanger management products specifically for streamlining merchandise. Each patented IRSG Hanger Management System can be tailor-made to save your stockroom space and seamlessly move merchandise onto your sales floor.

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  • CFR-3024M2

    This freestanding rack is perfect for collecting and sorting hangers at the checkout area when built-in units are not used.
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  • IHB-2400

    This hanger bar features IRSG’s signature clamp which is specially designed to secure the hangers to the bar.
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  • ISS-2407

    This wall-mounted IRSG Storage Rack System provides the most efficient method of storing hanger bars in backroom areas, where floor space is limited.
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  • ISTR-24Z

    The In-Store Transfer Rack (ISTR) is ideal for backroom storage efficiency, where wall space is not available and floor size is limited.
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