IRSG tables come in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and ergonomic details to account for various purposes and functions. The back room, sales floor, and distribution processing areas all present different challenges, and for each challenge, IRSG’s signature tables present several effective solutions. These solutions meet a multitude of needs for processing merchandise

Sales Floor Tables Nesting Sales Floor Tables Backroom Processing Tables Nesting Backroom Processing Tables Point of Sale Tables
  • ERGO-27-K9

    The ERGO-27-K9 is just one in a series of ERGO-27 tables.  It is ideal for folding, signing, pricing, or other on-floor tasks.
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  • ERGO-28-1-K2

    Ideal for folding, recovery, signing, pricing, and many other backroom tasks. IRSG’s patented technology allows for easy, on-the-spot height adjustment.
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  • ERGO-32-K10

    Ideal for backroom merchandise processing, this family of mobile work tables can incorporate staging racks for 21”, 24”, or 30” hanger bars.
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  • ERGO-50-K8

    While designed for folding, hanging, processing, and other backroom functions, the mobility and versatility make this processing center perfect for a wide variety of applications.
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  • FTW-24A

    Nesting Work Tables are ideal for on-floor merchandising tasks such as folding, recovery and pricing.
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  • MPOS-28-REG

    The Mobile Point of Sale Cart (MPOS), is perfect for those busy seasons throughout the year when you need additional check-out areas. 
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  • NTZ

    The NTZ nesting mobile table is easy to maneuver, extremely durable, and highly customizable. 
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  • VLT-2046-FF1

    The Value Line Table with folding board is our economically priced, fixed height table.
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